Our curriculum

Terra Bands

Seed Band

Every one of our Students begins with this band. After attending a class students will be gifted this band! A Seed represents all the potential that you hold within your self, with care and diligent's the seed begins to take root. What potential have you not fed yet?

Sprout Band

The Sprout band is your first band that you will have to earn! to achieve this level you must demonstrate through a challenge day your ability to perform each of the following skills:

  • Jumping & Landings: 2 point landing, 4 point landing, 2ft box jump, 4 ft broad jump.
  • Balance: Standing balance 10 sec, Floor Rail Walk 8 ft.
  • Ukemi: Front & Back Shoulder Roll, Side Break Fall, Crane Catch.
  • Ground Movements: Inch Worm, Army Crawl, Basic Quadruped.
  • Strength: 3 push-ups, 30 sec plank, 5 jump pull-ups
  • Flexibility: 10 sec shoulder bridge, 90 degree splits, touch shins with legs straight.

Sapling Band

The Sapling band demonstrates your Continued development of your foundation abilities. now that you have roots you are continuing to strengthen them, below are the skills you'll need to be able to receive this band!

  • Balance: Standing balance (3 squat and turns), Floor Rail Walk 8 ft. (2 ft. above the ground).
  • Ukemi: Front, Side, Back Shoulder Roll on floor, Back Break Fall, Bar knee catch.
  • Ground Movements: Gorilla Gallop.
  • Vaults: Step Vault, Turn Vault, Monkey Plant, Lazy Vault, Thief Vault.
  • Brachiating: Under-bar, Bar-flip Forward.
  • Climbing Basics: Cat Hang (10 sec), Wall Tap, Wall Tac (Slanted wall).
  • Trick & Style: Aúzinho, Macaco, B-Kick.
  • History *Bonus*: Who is the modern day founder of parkour? What country is considered the origin of parkour's modern routes?
  • Strength: 7 push-ups, 1 min plank, 3 pull-ups
  • Flexibility: 10 sec bridge, 120 degree splits, touch feet with legs straight.

Oak Band

A mighty oak demonstrates that a student has established there fundamentals and had grown to have a strong foundation in Parkour. Once Students have recieved this band they can begin to specializes on different aspects of parkour. To achieve this band, a student must be able to complete the folowing.

  • Jumping & Landing: Box Jump 2 ft. 6 in. Broad Jump 5 ft.
  • Ukemi: Front Break Fall
  • Vaults: Speed Vault, Reverse Vault, Kong Vault, Kash Vault, Lazy Vault.
  • Brachiating: Skin the Cat, Lache, Pull-over
  • Climbing: Climb-up LV1. Wall Run, Wall Tac (Vertical)
  • Trick & Style: Cart Wheel, Macaco off height, Tornado Kick.
  • History: Who is the modern day founder of parkour? What country is considered the origin of parkour's modern routes?
  • Strength: 3 demon dips, 2 min plank, 7 pull-ups
  • Flexibility: 10 sec bridge, 150 degree splits, touch floor with legs straight.

Aqua, Ignis, and Ventus Bands

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